Videos About Adverse Health Impacts of Wind Turbines

Below are four video documentaries about adverse heath effects associated with wind turbines recommended by TLVA volunteer, Richard Jinkins of Cobb, Wisconsin, Iowa County. Richard has been avidly studying the phenomena for several years since discovering that members of his family personally experience ill effects from the existing, small, turbine installation near Montfort. WI. The same area would be impacted by the Uplands Wind proposal. In addition to the videos, Richard provides a large file directory with other videos, research papers, maps and other informative resources one can browse through.

1. A Pennsylvania Couple discuss their experiences living 1600 feet from a wind turbine. Note that the offending turbine is much smaller than those being proposed for Uplands, Red Barn and Whitetail (Iowa and Grant Counties, WI) and is positioned 350′ further than allowed under Wisconsin’s, out of date, 2008 wind siting laws. The video is 15 mins.

2. Wind Power Plants in Sweden 30 mins.

3. Norma Schmidt- Retired Nurse (Canada) Ms. Schmidt describes the decline her health after happily accepting the opportunity to site a wind turbine on her property. This video excerpt from the CBC video, Wind Rush also includes a number of specialists including Dr. Michael Nissenbaum who explains the basic phenomena that create audible and inaudible (infrasound) air pulses that lead to loss of sleep and other ill impacts. 14.5 mins

4. Down Wind. This video can be difficult to watch, at times, because of the degree of suffering the residents are forced to endure. It also contains a great deal comprehensive, well-founded information. It is about 90 mins.

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